Individual Care

Empower yourself with steps you can take. Explore what confidence, joy and freedom from diet can do in your life!

Individual sessions

Making health changes can be challenging. Taking the time to understand your individual needs and what healthy eating looks like for you can make the journey more enjoyable and effective. 

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Explores all areas to ensure immediate treatment steps and successful long term health through diet changes. From medical needs, lifestyle needs and what you are ready to take on! 

Further support through collaborative treatment plan and liaison with your current health care team. Focuses on one person per assessment.

On-going Reviews (after initial assessment)

Making health changes can be challenging in our busy and active society. After your initial assessment, your treatment plan will be further tailored and perfected as we explore further into topics. Taking the time to understand which option is right for you, and what consequences your actions will have can make the journey enjoyable and effective. 

Diet and health changes take time. We can often get confused with new studies and advice provided in media, lose motivation and focus, or undermine our efforts.

Our reviews focus on empowering you with knowledge, skills and self-care. You will become confident in choices you are making and be able to appreciate everything you have done for yourself. Better understanding and awareness of your actions means your risk of more serious health consequences down the track will be greatly reduced.

These are suitable for those who are ready to make changes to their habits and lifestyle and/or requiring health changes for their medical conditions, or have previously attempted different strategies that worked short term and would now like to explore a sustainable long term option (getting right to the root cause of it all!).

Additional Support

Consultations are offered in English and Cantonese.
Range of session packs are also available.
For review consultations, alternative options include home visits, phone-based or online-based sessions are available.
Free resources will be provided, and personalised to you and your family’s needs.
Medicare and private health insurance rebates available.

Lead with confidence

With science and knowledge advancing quicker than ever, so does our chance of misinformation. Know the short term or long term consequences based on guidance you can trust, and become healthy as a whole family with confidence.

Preventative Health
Type 2 Diabetes
Weight Management
Relationship with Food

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